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CLASP Celebrates 20 Years of Impact

On May 10th, at the Dockmaster Building at D.C.’s District Wharf, past and current team, board members, and partners gathered to celebrate CLASP’s 20 years of impact. Founder and Board Chair Stephen Wiel reminisced about his original vision for CLASP, while long time friend and partner, Rick Duke, spoke briefly about the urgency of the climate problem and how CLASP is working to meet that need. CLASP’s Chief Executive Officer, Christine Egan, expressed her gratitude for everyone’s efforts in the trailblazing work that has been undertaken. Attendees enjoyed a great view, an exceptional selection of food, swag bags and photo booth fun, in celebration of the past 20 years of accomplishments - and all that’s to come.

Rick_Duke.JPG#asset:7672Long time friend and partner Rick Duke.

Christine_Egan_Steve_Wiel_Karen_Wiel_Mohan_Peckt.JPG#asset:7673CLASP Chief Executive Officer Christine Egan, Founder and Board Chair Steve Wiel, Karen Wiel, and former board member Mohan Peckt.

Stewart_Muir_Martin_Hyland_Katie_Hoy_Roxanne_Garrana_Malcolm_Thomson.JPG#asset:7674Partners from the Energy Saving Trust - Stewart Muir, Martin Hyland, Katie Hoy, Roxanne Garrana, and Malcolm Thomson.

The_International_Women_of_CLASP.JPG#asset:7675The International Women of CLASP, or IWOC.

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