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New Research from Efficiency for Access & Partners for the Off-Grid Solar Sector

Markets for off-grid appropriate appliances are nascent throughout much of the world. Manufacturers, development institutions, bulk procurers, policymakers and others often lack access to the data and market intelligence needed to design, source, and promote high-performing products that meet consumer needs. Efficiency for Access and our partners are excited to share a new suite of research to empower clean energy access stakeholders with consumer, technical, and market intelligence. These include a collaborative research effort with 60 Decibels on the benefits of solar water pump technologies; with GOGLA and the World Bank Group on the semi-annual Global Off-grid Solar Market Report, which has been expanded to appliances; Equip Data, a new, independent tool that shares key performance and quality data for over 250 off-grid appliances; a first-ever policy brief; and a technical roadmap for solar water pump technologies.

New Report Reveals Impacts of Solar Water Pumps on Quality of Life

Solar_Water_Pump_Simusolar.jpg#asset:7689Image credit: Simusolar

Efficiency for Access partnered with 60 Decibels to survey 375 customers in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania about their experiences with solar water pumps. This analysis provides valuable insights into purchasing decisions and use cases. Notably, it provides compelling preliminary evidence on the impacts pumps have on productivity and quality of life through the eyes of consumers.

Read “Use and Benefits of Solar Water Pumps.”

Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report Expands to Appliances


Efficiency for Access partnered with GOGLA and the World Bank Group's Lighting Global program to publish the semi-annual Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report. Sales of off-grid solar appliances were reported at 350,000 in H2 2018, with TVs and fans as the most widely sold product types. The report’s expansion to off-grid appliances signals a new frontier for many companies and underscores the need to enhance sales data collection efforts.

Read the Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report.

Efficiency for Access Launches Equip Data, an Appliance Data Platform


CLASP is excited to announce the launch of Equip Data, a new independent, open-access resource that shares key performance and quality data for over 250 off-grid appliances. By providing manufacturers, distributors, policymakers and investors with reliable performance data and benchmarking tools, Equip Data brings the transparency and consistency needed to scale the market for durable, high-performing, and affordable appliances and equipment. Data is now available for over 140 televisions, 120 fans, and 50 refrigerators.

Discover Equip Data.

Efficiency for Access Develops First Ever Policy Brief on High-Performing, High-Efficiency Off-Grid Appliances


The Efficiency for Access Coalition released its first policy brief in June. High-quality, energy-efficient off-grid appliances are essential to ensuring consumer protection and overall health as markets mature. This exciting new resource explores how test methods, quality standards, and labeling might be used to promote energy efficiency and quality in off- and weak-grid appropriate appliances.

Read the policy brief.

Solar Water Pump Technology Roadmap Charts New Path for Industry Partners

Image credit: SolarNow

From May 2018 to May 2019, the Efficiency for Access Coalition convened a technical working group to construct an industry roadmap for solar water pumps, which identifies a series of technology improvements for remote monitoring systems and brushless DC motors that, if adopted, could improve pump efficiency and performance. It also outlines recommendations for future research, including: connectivity, the impact of water quality on durability, quality assurance, and specific in-country barriers. Together these components form a common starting point for further investment and industry collaboration.

Read the Solar Water Pump Technology Roadmap.

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