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23 May 2017

A Lighting Challenge for the World

Lighting accounts for 15% of global electricity consumption and 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Accelerating the transition to energy efficient lighting could be one of the most significant sho

30 March 2017

China Launches Digital Energy Label & App

This first in the world QR code energy label offers access to useful product information for consumers and other stakeholders In June 2016, China launched a fully digitized China Energy Label, newly

06 December 2016

Forecast on Cooling

Air conditioning (AC) units in use around the world are expected to triple by 2050. Slowly, global markets are shifting to more energy efficient ACs, but CLASP is working to accelerate that trend. For

30 November 2016

Illuminating India, Efficiently

Since 2012, India has launched several major efficient lighting initiatives. With CLASP support, India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency developed the world’s first standards for LEDs in 2012 and LED stre

27 October 2016

European Union Explores Circular Economy Legislation​

The approach takes into account the economic realities of markets while putting the planet’s finite resources at the forefront. The European Commission adopted an ambitious Circular Economy Policy Pac

08 August 2016

New Video Test Sequence for Televisions

A new 10-minute video intended to serve as an HDR test sequence and to function as an alternative to the IEC 62087 test sequence. CLASP's Europe program has developed a new ten-minute test video which

01 June 2016

China Promoting High Efficiency Appliances Nationwide

On June 1, 2016, the China Leading Energy Efficiency Program (LEP) published a new energy label logo. LEP is the first nationwide program focusing on promoting energy efficient products since the conc