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Global Collaboration

CLASP serves at the epicenter of collaborative, ambitious efforts to mitigate climate change through appliance efficiency and in the global movement for clean energy access.

CLASP is on the pulse of ground-breaking developments in appliance energy efficiency, quality, and innovation, with programs and projects all over the world. We feed this back into our research, bring it to the fora where we serve, and disseminate cutting-edge and collective knowledge back through our circles. As part of these efforts, CLASP designs and contributes to analysis and forges productive partnerships that advance our mission and the goals of our partners, amplifying efforts and impact.

Collaboration and partnership are major tenets of CLASP culture. Collaboration not only serves stakeholders when resources are lean – it leads markets and keeps policy ambition high.

Practitioner Networks

CLASP holds many roles in international fora focused on appliance energy efficiency, for example the Super-efficient Equipment & Appliance Deployment Initiative, United for Efficiency, and the Efficiency for Access coalition. CLASP also assists regional groups like the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the Economic Community of West African States.

Fora such as these – as well as consortiums of testing labs, off-grid technology manufacturers, and others – require knowledgeable third-party facilitation and a neutral hand to guide strategic resource investments.

Tools for Practitioners

CLASP develops and maintains a variety of publicly available tools and resources on our website, including the most extensive library of technical, market, and policy studies in the world on energy-efficient appliances and related topic areas, and our Standards & Labeling Policy Database, which simplifies complex legislation and legislative frameworks for manufacturers, policymakers, researchers, and others. We author and share some of the only free online resources for policy compliance worldwide.

Featured Tools

S&L Database

Search for information on appliance, lighting, and equipment energy efficiency and quality policies around the world.

Publication Library

CLASP and our partners analyze energy efficient appliance policy and innovation globally.

Economy Finder

Our index contains appliance energy efficiency policies and related information from around the world.

MV&E Economy Access

Provides compliance information for economies around the world.

S&L Guidebook

The global manual to develop, implement, and maintain energy performance labeling and standards programs.

MV&E Guidebook

The manual to design and implement effective compliance frameworks.